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Windblown, dead or leaning trees are extremely dangerous particularly when they are near a property, road or in danger of injuring someone. We use the correct equipment and techniques to work on the tree safely or remove it if necessary.


M G M Tree Surgeons offer various pruning solutions from crown thinning which removes select internal branches, to crown reduction which reduces a percentage of the overall height and size of the tree creating a well balanced shape.


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Using the latest equipment our skilled tree surgeons will ensure your trees are felled efficiently and safely. With our experience and expertise you can rest assured your trees will be dealt with safely and efficiently.





All work carried out to conform to the BS3998 recommendations for tree work.


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A tree stump can take up a considerable amount of space, look unsightly and can lead to the spread of fungal infections. Using state-of-the-art stump grinding machines, we can remove the tree stump to at least 300mm below ground level. This will enable the area to be re-used for future planting or grassing over and also prevents re-growth from the stump eliminating the possibility of fungus growth.

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